We all know about and also use machines that help us in our daily cleaning chores. Common household appliances such as the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dish washer, etc. were invented to make our lives easier. These appliances, which were once a luxury, are now necessities. But have you heard of AI powered robots doing the cleaning without we even having to lift a finger?

Intelligent cleaning Bots or robots are no longer limited on the big screen. Robots and gadgets once seen in Sci-Fi movies are now becoming a reality.

So, ever wondered what type sophistication is coming our way in the near future from the realm of cleaning & maintenance? Read on…..

Types of Automated Cleaning

Technology and innovation are constantly creating new products to help automate the cleaning process. Smart robots and appliances that can vacuum, mop, clean windows and purify air are already in the market and are used in commercial and residential properties. These high-tech machines will do the cleaning for you so that you have more time for other activities or interests.

Singaporeans won’t have to depend on a domestic helper to maintain their home interiors cleaned. For the floor can been vacuumed, toilets mopped, windows cleaned to a sparkle…all by a robot!

Here are a few gadgets that can take the cleaning chore out of your daily routine.

1.     Floor cleaning robots

automated facility maintenanceThere are many robotic vacuum cleaners in the market already. Some, like the iRobot Roomba and Ecovacs Deebot are meant for residential cleaning. These robot vacuums will scan you floor space to create a cleaning path. Some are also intelligent enough to return to the dock station to recharge.

There are also robots for commercial cleaning. The Scrub 50, Singapore’s first fully autonomous cleaning robot may very well be the solution to cleaning large areas. Another local company also specializes in cleaning by robots.

2.     Robot mops

The iRobot Braava is a robot mopping device. It does not vacuum but can dry sweep your floor before mopping. A special feature in this device is the jet spray. Most mopping robots only include a water tank. There are also other brands that have a combination of vacuum and mopping function.

3.    window cleaning bot Robot window cleaner

With the majority of Singaporeans living in high rise apartments, cleaning the exterior of windows can be dangerous and often neglected. However, with cleaning automation, glass cleaning bots or spiders as they are known, can take on this risky and arduous task. The WinBot and HoBot are popular automatic window cleaners.

4.     Pool cleaner

If cleaning the bathtub seems like a gigantic task, then just imagine what cleaning the swimming pool be like! In comes the robotic pool cleaners like The Dolphin and AquaBot. Smart technology and intelligent navigation make these robots more energy efficient, saves money and time.

5.     Self-cleaning litter box

Many people keep cats as pets as they are low maintenance as compared to dogs. But cats also need cleaning up and scooping and cleaning the cat litter box is nobody’s favourite task. Thank goodness for self-cleaning litter boxes that do all the dirty work for you PLUS keep your home odour free.


With the advancement of cleaning automation and rise of the smart home / office, repetitive tasks can be carried out by robots. This allows us to redirect our time to more important work, thus improving productivity.

While many of the home automation gadgets may fit within your budget, equipment for the commercial industry may be costly. In such cases its always better to outsource the cleaning, be it automated or manual, to professional cleaning companies.