11 Must-Have Tools & Aids for Complete Home Cleaning

Common Cleaning Tools for HomesPeople are always asking me why, despite being able to afford one, I choose not to keep a maid. After all, the trend is so popular in the Singaporean way of life.

What can I say … I don’t like having a stranger live in my house and I know that the quality of work that I put in myself for my own home would be far superior than what a maid would do for a home that isn’t hers.  It also helps me stay fit by putting in the physical activity daily, otherwise how many of us regularly hit the gym?

And to be on top of it I have gotten the right combination of cleaning items and a great schedule to manage my time! These must-haves will help you to effectively and easily clean your house or even a small office.  Using these smart tools not only saves a LOT of time and energy but also leaves our spaces cleaner and more hygienic.

Home cleaning aids range from ‘hardware’ items like brooms and brushes to consumables like detergent and soap. Therefore I’ve organized my trusted cleaning essentials into two categories – TOOLS and CLEANERS.

Must-have’s to keep your space Clean

Here’s the list of the Cleaning tools to keep my home spotlessly clean….

  1. Vacuum Cleaner – Whether it’s cleaning carpet or flooring, this is a tool that cannot be done without. And if you buy the one with the attachments, then you can even clean upholstery, curtains and blinds with your vacuum.
  2. “Swiffer” type broom – I’m referring to those special cloths attached to a long handled wiper type contraption. It works better and faster than a traditional broom in cleaning tiled surfaces because of its wide design and swivel head.  It traps dust and hair really well! Not only does it do the job of a broom, it also does the job of a mop if you just replace the dry sheet with a wet one.
  3. Microfiber cloths – These are wonderful in catching dust particles that regular cloth won’t. In a place like Singapore, one wipe over your furniture with a microfiber dusting cloth should keep your furniture looking spotless for at least a whole week (unless you have construction going on near your house….another distinctly Singaporean trait J)
  4. Different sized sponges – These will come in handy all over the house. Whether it’s to wipe up spills from the floor, spot clean smudges on the walls, wipe down kitchen counters, or to do the dishes, sponges always have to be handy. Don’t like sponges? then a good substitute is superabsorbent chamois cloth
  5. Toilet brushes – There are different types of toilet brushes that you will need to get. One for washing the floor, another specially contoured one for cleaning the toilet bowl, and either an abrasive pad or a flat brush for cleaning the basin and walls. You can also add a toothbrush to this ensemble for cleaning those tricky small places like between the tap and the sink, and for cleaning between tile grout.

And here’s the list of essential cleaners to aid those tools and you……

  1. All-purpose cleaner – Many people love to use all purpose cleaner to avoid a pile up of different types of cleaners, and the need for space that that requires. That’s why I’m putting this as first on this list, should you feel the same. These work on tiles, on kitchen counters, glass and mirrors, and even polished wooden surfaces and do a pretty good job of cleaning on all those surfaces.
  2. Tile cleaner – Some of us traditionalists prefer using the cleaners made for specific surfaces. This is because some of these cleaners don’t just clean the surface, they give it something ‘extra’ too.  When it comes to tile cleaner, you can choose between mild or something tougher. Your choice will depend on how much grime that area of your house sees.
  3. Glass and mirror cleaner – The little something extra of glass cleaners is that nowadays many of them boast a special ingredient that stops dust from clinging to the surface of the glass, keeping the surface cleaner for a lot longer.
  4. Mild abrasive bathroom cleaner – Bathroom cleaner usually comes in powder form. I recommend getting one with added bleach for its disinfecting properties. Don’t forget to put on rubber gloves when using this cleaner though! It can be harsh on sensitive skin.
  5. Dishwashing liquid or bar – The noteworthy property of this cleaner is that it cuts into the greasiness of oily pots and pans easily, so you don’t have to wash them twice, unless they’re unusually oily. They also come in fresh fragrances and with antibacterial properties to leave the utensils you eat in at the highest level of hygiene possible.
  6. Baking soda and Vinegar – Ah, the humble baking soda and vinegar….the two basic ingredients of oh so many cleaning hacks around the house. If you ever run out of any of the abovementioned cleaners and need to urgently clean, then these two will work wonders anywhere and everywhere around the home. Just go online and look up the recipe for the problem you are facing and there you’ll have it.  A quick and effective fix for your problem.

And that’s all you need to maintain a clean and hygienic home – yes, even WITHOUT a maid!! There are countless other cleaning products out there designed to make every part of the cleaning experience easier for you, but these are the basic essentials without which cleaning would be incomplete. So if you don’t already own these products, make a list and head to the supermarket to stock up.

When it comes to home-making, home cleaning is the number one priority!