Floor Cleaning Equipment that Admins of Large Offices Should Consider Investing In

As businesses grow, so do the size of their offices. A responsible office administrator knows how important it is to keep these offices clean and fresh, thereby creating a healthy and positive work environment.  A clean office also conveys a pristine company image to customers.

Managing this task for a large office calls for the right equipment.  As large offices get a lot of human traffic, cleaning them with household tools would be not just inefficient, it would also be ineffective.

Knowing the available Options

Office cleaning needs differ according to the type of business. Knowing about the variety of commercial cleaning equipment out there will help the office admin to make an informed choice about what he or she should invest in for their office.

Here are four popular floor cleaning equipment’s used for commercial office cleaning, and why should they be invested in –

1.      Floor Buffer or Polisher

Floor ShineA nice and shiny floor instantly gives the impression of cleanliness. Floor buffers restore the shine to hard flooring that has dulled out over the years from scratches and wear & tear, thereby restoring a look of sparkling newness to the floor.

2.      Floor Scrubber

In the old days, scrubbing the floor would only mean a brush, some detergent and a strong pair of arms.  Mechanical floor scrubbers make the job much faster, easier and better done.  This machine, though basic, works straightforwardly well.  A set of rotary brushes scrub the floor while water and detergent is regularly squirted out in controlled amounts.  The floor is scrubbed with the same amount of pressure everywhere and only needed amount of detergent and water is used, making drying times quicker.  Many floor scrubbers nowadays come with in-built floor buffers, eliminating the need for two different machines.

3.      Carpet extractor

Carpet extractors are a very advanced form of vacuum cleaners. They use a combination of heat, pressure and suction together with a cleaning solution to literally dissolve and extract dirt and grime from carpets.  Carpet extractor machines are a popular choice in Singapore Offices because they work very well in deep cleaning carpets and rugs.

4.      Floor Air Blower

Equipment for keeping floors dryAir blowers are used to dry large portions of wet floors quickly.  Well-suited for the typical Singaporean weather, they are ideal for keeping the office building foyer dry during a rainy day.  Air Blowers are also a must have to maintain Washroom flooring, waterless and safe.  Quick drying of wet floors enables people to move across newly mopped surfaces immediately, while allowing the floors to be constantly cleaned without any waiting time.  Among the other benefits of this are prevention of water damage in a building by gradual seepage from cleaning, hereby increasing life of the building itself.



Investing in such large and somewhat complicated machinery may seem like an unnecessary hassle and added cost to some.  However, we suggest weighing the costs against the benefits delivered with productivity gains in building maintenance, staff well-being and last but not least the corporate image.

So if you are an office admin, really do consider getting this equipment for your office cleaning needs.  You will not regret it.