A lot is written and read about food in Singapore. The multi-racial and multi-cultural society that we live in provides us with a plethora of cuisines and delicacies. Indeed, Singapore is a foodie’s paradise. But whether food is enjoyed outside or cooked and relished at home, washing the dishes thereafter is a not so relishing task.

Technology and automation do make life easier and so it is for washing dishes. Dishwashers have grained greater adoption over the past 5 to 7 years. In this article we will discuss if a dishwasher is worth its salt and can prove its mettle as an appliance for Singapore homes and establishments.


The Daily Chore of Washing Dishes

Washing dishes is an everyday chore that most people will have to do at least once a day. For a family who prefers to cook and eat at home, this chore is simply unavoidable. While you may be able to skip it on some days but there will always be dishes and utensils that need to be washed after every meal is cooked in the kitchen.

sink filled with dishes

At times dishwashing can be a simple task of rinsing, soaping, and traying of plates or bowls. However, it can get onerous when food is sticky and greasy. And with dirty utensils used for baking or frying added to the list it can be quite a burdensome and time-consuming task.

So, let’s delve on the best way out…


Washing by Hand vs Machine: Which is Better?

Which method is better for cleaning dishes? Dishwashers or handwashing them?

There is no right answer here. It depends on what type of dishes you use, how often you wash them, and how much effort you want to put into doing it. If you are someone who cooks regularly and eats at home daily, then a dishwasher is probably the best option.

However, if you are someone who only cooks occasionally and eats out more often then handwashing might be a better choice. This is because you can easily clean up any spills and messes without having to wait for the machine to finish its cycle.

A dishwasher is also great for those who like to cook at home but prefer to eat out frequently. This is because they offer quite a few benefits. A dishwasher is also ideal for those who love to bake and fry since they are designed to handle hot water and steamy conditions and are perfect for cleaning small to mid-size pots and pans. The next section enumerates a few benefits this appliance can offer.


What Can You Expect from a Dishwasher

There some real benefits a Dishwasher can bring, such as –

It Saves Water – You’ll find it surprising that handwashing an equivalent of a full dishwasher load takes around 40 litres of water, whereas a dishwasher will only consume 7 to 8 litres! So, that’s a lot of saving on your water bills.

It Saves Time and Effort – A dishwasher is obviously useful as it can wash a load full instead of you doing the dishes. While you will need to load and unload the dishes from the appliance it will still save you time and effort. In the event you have guests at home it will be a saviour. Some more, for odd-shaped crockery or machine parts like blenders and chopper the dishwasher can wash much more easily.

Cleans Well and Hygienically – Because dishwashers heat their water to a high temperature (up to 70°C), they’re able to kill bacteria much better than if you were to wash them by yourself using cold water. If you’re still not convinced, here’s the big difference maker. Dish sponges are among the dirtiest things in the kitchen. According to studies, 72 percent of sponges used in Singaporean kitchens contained traces of Salmonella – a bacteria known to cause food poisoning.

using soap for cleaning dishes

Protects Your Hands – For those with sensitive skin, eczema, etc exposing your hands frequently to soap and washing liquid is not recommended. In this case again dishwasher provides an advantage

But few things to note…

For dishes that are soiled with sticky and greasy food a hand rinse may still be needed. It gets worse when dirty dishes become dry while waiting for the load to commence. Also, pots, pans, and cooking utensils may not be easy to accommodate due to size restrictions.


In Summary

To wrap it up, dishwasher does offer some compelling benefits that can save you time, effort, and water used for washing. They clean the dishes to an acceptable standard in most cases. However, for utensil washing and sticky food manual intervention may still be required.

Hope the above offers you clarity in making the right decision. Outsourced dishwashing either onsite or offsite is also an option. If you are a homeowner or F & B operator that needs professional cleaning assistance, contact us and our friendly sales rep is at your service.