Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Homeowners anxiously await to move into their new home once the renovation work has ended.  After weeks and months of waiting to do up your home sweet home, you certainly would not wish to wait any longer to move in and enjoy the fruits of the time, effort and money spent.  But as much as you’d wish to settle in quickly, an often overlooked chore is that of a thorough cleanup that’s needed after a renovation.

Post Renovation Room

The Need to Cleanse After the Overhaul of Your Space

True, your contractor may have included a general cleaning of your home after the revamp.  But no matter how well your renovation workers cleaned up; the dust, dried cement, water marks, etc. does not get removed very easily.  Excess dust is harmful to your health and general well-being, especially for individuals allergic to dust.  Whether you have undertaken a full house renovation or a partial one, the dust, mess and debris amount to the same.  Hence, a thorough cleaning is an absolute necessity.

After renovation works as you get busy with organizing and settling in your newly groomed abode, let our team at A1 Cleaning Services help you quickly get your space into a livable condition, so you can enjoy your new home as intended.

Post Renovation Cleaning Process

Tidying up after a revamp of your premises is not the same as your usual cleaning session.  A top-down approach is needed here, starting from the ceiling and then focusing on all items along the way down to the floor.  Here’s a comprehensive list of items/areas that should be covered –

For All Rooms
  • Clean windows and grilles, interior only
  • Clean doors and gates
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Sweep balcony (if any)
  • Vacuum all floor areas
  • Mop all floor areas
  • Clean exterior of installed wardrobes and closets
  • Clean fans (if any)
  • Clean exterior of light fittings
  • Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, etc
For Kitchen
  • Clean kitchen wall tiles and backsplash
  • Clean exterior and interior of cabinets (if empty)
  • Clean kitchen area including stove & hob, sink, countertops & fittings
  • Wash and disinfect kitchen sink and basin
For Bathrooms
  • Clean bathroom wall tiles
  • Clean and disinfect floor, basin, toilet bowl & fixtures and fittings
  • Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, shower screens
  • Disposal of debris and trash
  • Other related chores

When to Have a Post Renovation Service

After your renovation, you want to move in to a fresh, clean home.  So, it’s preferable to have a post renovation clean-up immediately after the renovation and before your furniture or new appliances arrive.  Bulky items can hinder the effectiveness of a good scrub down.  Take special consideration that since this is not an ordinary cleaning task, an entire day should be dedicated to get your home ready for moving in.

Give A1 Cleaning Services a call to arrange for an appropriate date and time.  Our team of professionals guarantee to meticulously clean and let you enjoy your dream home.

Office Cleaning after Renovation

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Taeri Ling
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Samantha Tan
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Batrice Kwok
Great service always make my apartemen clean, never dissapointed after 1 year use A1 Service. Highly recommended 🙂
Great service highly recommended
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Michelle Wan
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Tyna Chi
We love our dishwashing crew! The team did another great job and were victorious once again over the dirt from the food stains. They even got the fridge to look white and even fix the plumbing. Something we find difficult to do. As always, I enjoy their cheerful personalities. They are a pleasure.
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Pedro Chaniago
I just wanted to call you and let you know I was really appreciating your dishwashing team today. We had somewhat of a “crappy” day, lots of new staffs coming in, poor management by the new operation manager. Thank you to your team for being so patient with us.
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Aria William
Thanks for the calibre of the workers and the quality of their dishwashing work. It is a tribute to the worker’s character and to the quality commitment of management in hiring. Other than the quality of the work, their customer service is very responsive and professional. Needed extra back up next day, they solved my issue within a day.
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Carla Yong
Travis is professional and courteous, and bent over backwards to accommodate our schedule. He is prompt in returning phone calls even at wee hours, and the dishwashing team was always on time and efficient. To be honest, I feel bad calling him at late night due to the bar late operating hours, but he is so understanding. 5 stars service.

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